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Geofencing Magic: Boosting College Event Attendance and Student Engagement

Imagine being a college student and receiving a notification about an event just as you’re passing by the venue. Intriguing, right? That’s the power of geofencing in action. With education marketing agencies constantly on the lookout for innovative strategies to engage students, geofencing has become an ace up their sleeve.

Now, you may be wondering, “What exactly is geofencing?” Think of it as a virtual boundary around a specific location, say a college auditorium. When students with the right app permissions enter this predefined area, they receive notifications, promotions, or reminders. The immediacy and context of such messages can significantly boost attendance and engagement.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into how geofencing can transform college events:

Personalized Event Invitations: Imagine planning an art exhibition. With geofencing, you can target students who frequent the art department or those who have attended similar events in the past. Personalization can make students feel seen and valued, increasing their likelihood of participating.

Last-minute Reminders: We’ve all been there – marking our calendars for an event and then forgetting all about it. Geofencing offers a solution. As students walk near the event venue, a friendly reminder pops up. “Hey there! Don’t forget the jazz concert starting in 30 minutes right here.” It’s a game-changer for those often sidetracked by the hustle and bustle of college life.

Exclusive Deals and Perks: Offering students a special discount at the campus café post-event or an exclusive digital goodie can be an excellent incentive for attendance. Knowing that they might get a surprise just by walking into an event can be enticing!

Real-time Polls and Feedback: Post-event, when the experience is still fresh, a geofenced survey can pop up asking for feedback. This provides event organizers with invaluable insights while also making students feel their opinion matters.

Social Media Integration: Students can be prompted to share their experiences, and photos, or even check in. Such organic promotion can elevate the event’s popularity and reach, making subsequent events even more successful.